COAST 2017

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14th ‐ 25th
2017 Event Champion
from Australia

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Snapper Rocks is a small rocky outcrop on the northern side of Point Danger at the southern end of Rainbow Bay on the Gold Coast.

Since 1995 the Tweed River sand bypass system has pumped sand from the Tweed River mouth to beaches to the north to ensure the river mouth is safe for shipping, and to stabilise coastal erosion north of the river. This has resulted in a large build-up of sand between Snapper Rocks to Kirra, which as of 2007, has extended the beaches in this area seawards around 100-200m, and created a new, world-class sandbar surf break called "the Superbank".

For Snapper, the result is simple to understand: the best wind direction is a southeastern swell, the perfect angle to have the hollow without closing too much.

Key Figures

Type of break
NE - S
Swell direction
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