In Africa for the Tour, Matt Wilkinson and Owen Wright head Deep South and rubber up against all things Dark Continent. Last year’s J-Bay Open was filled with all sorts of incidents and excitement, culminating in the shark attack on Mick Fanning and subsequent no-result in the final. Owen Wright and Matt Wilkinson were a world away from events that day, however, having decided to pack up and head further south following their elimination from the event.

We left J-Bay to head south just before the final day of the contest, and stopped in to go for a cage dive with great whites along the dirty old road. That was intense enough, but after getting out of the water from the dive, we all turned on our phones to try to see what was happening in the final and the webcast was going mad: “Mick’s just been attacked by a massive shark!” Said Wilko.

The result is this flawless video capturing everything we love about The Search, and surfing in general – the freedom, the natural high you get from exploring new spots, and experiencing life in other cultures.

You do a lot of driving down there, the roads just go around bay after bay; it feels endless. You put in the hours over and over and over, but the scenery is incredible. It is such a beautiful part of the world, so wild and big and treacherous. It sort of makes it hard to tell how big the waves are sometimes, as if the size is distorted by all the imposing mountains and massive bluffs. It is an awesome place, and it’s well worth putting in the time there.