Sally Fitzgibbons is back! Victorious at the 2017 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro, she has just broken a long curse, a 17 events streak without a Championship Tour event title. Before that, her last victory dated back to June 2015, almost two years ago, at the Fiji Pro. Following a disappointing 2016 season, where she finished ranked number 8 in the World (the worst season of her career), Sally starts her 2017 season on a tear and is now leading the WSL CT Rankings tied with Stephanie Gilmore!

Fitzgibbons on a tear & Wright back in Top 3

Over the course of the event, Sally had to defeat no less than the three last World Champions (10 World titles altogether): Carissa Moore in Quarter-Final, Stephanie Gilmore in Semi-Final & Tyler Wright in Final. What a run!

With this victory, Fitzgibbons narrows the gap in their matchups in Final with Wright: 4 – 2 for Tyler. Sally ends up with the win, best wave of the event (9.73 in Quarter-Final) and third best average heat score with 14.54 points. Her stats for the 2017 season are also looking excellent: second best heat winning rate with 73% and again third best average heat score with 14.72 points.

On her side, Tyler Wright ends the contest with the best average heat score with 15.70 points, highest heat score with 17.94 and 3 combos inflicted. After her maiden World Title in 2016 and an average fifth-place finish at the 2017 Roxy Pro Gold Coast, she is back in the Top 3 and currently has the second best average heat score of the 2017 season with 14.93 points.

Sally Fitzgibbons' Average Heat Score at Margaret River
Number of combos Tyler Wright inflicted to her opponents

Gilmore still leading the pack

Eliminated by the unstoppable Sally Fitzgibbons, Stephanie Gilmore is still leading the 2017 WSL CT Rankings holding, like Fitzgibbons, a win and a third-place finish. She’s also ahead when it comes to 2017 season stats with the best average heat score with 14.98 and the best heat winning rate with 80% (8 heat wins over 10 heats surfed).

Peterson stalls at Margs

After a brilliant runner-up finish at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast a few days ago, Lakey Peterson gets surprisingly eliminated in Round 2 by Coco Ho. In tricky conditions, Lakey couldn’t find the waves she was looking for and finishes the event with the second worst average heat score of the event: 8.20 points.