Double delight for Courtney Conlogue.

The defending champion rings the bell of the last event of the Australian leg for the second time in a row.
Courtney Conlogue also climbs 4 places on the global WSL Women’s Rankings at the 4th position.
With the second best average heat score (16.26 pts), Courtney dominated the event. She even allows herself the luxury of beating the last 3 World Champions: Carissa Moore in quarters (16.56-15.33), Tyler Wright in semis (18.33-15.00) and Stephanie Gilmore in final (17.00-16.33)!

Trophy for one, leader jersey for the other.

Despite her impressive performance in previous editions, Courtney had plenty of work to do with Stephanie Gilmore in the final. However, she gradually raised her level and became the fourth surfer to clinch, twice in a row, the famous bell (before her, Sally in 2011/2012, Gilmore in 2007/2008 et Carissa in 2013/2014/2015).
Courtney will be heading to the Brazilian event with a lot of confidence. Winner in 2015, she has never finished under the quarterfinals round. Is she going to take a chance at the World Title race? Answer in a couple of weeks.
On her side, Stephanie Gilmore gets back (alone this time) the lead of the WSL Women’s Rankings and yellow leader jersey. She ends the Australian leg with an excellent track record: a title on the Gold Coast, a semi-final at Margaret River and a final at Bells Beach.

Tyler Wright: Her Australian leg is a bit of a let down.

After her World Title in 2016, Tyler Wright is obviously under a lot scrutiny. Quarterfinalist at Bells last year, she still improves this year with a semifinal, the best Average Heat Score at 16.43 & 4 combos inflicted to her opponents. Unfortunately for her, she falls against an irresistible Courtney Conlogue in that semifinal!
Despite her 5th, 2nd & 3rd place finishes in the Australian events and being ranked World #3 in the WSL Women’s Rankings, we would have wished her to continue on the incredible rhythm she displayed in 2016.

Bells Beach Average Heat Score
Combos inflicted by Tyler

Carissa Moore: the disappointment…

Carissa Moore will have to forget the 3 Australian events.
While she had collected 3 successive semifinals last year, she could not do better than 3 quarterfinals this season. Bells Beach specialist with 3 event titles and the overall best Average Heat Score (15.27), you have to go back 7 years ago (in 2010) to find a worst result.
As a small consolation prize, she leaves Bells with the Highest Heat Score with a 19.13 in Round 2 when she went to town against her opponent, the young wildcard Ella Williams.