That’s it! The next event on tour is coming. The Drug Aware Margaret River Pro, in Western Australia, which waiting period opens on March 29th, will allow us different conditions on a much more wild spot. On this occasion, we’ve chosen only our favorites for this CT Stop #2.

#1 – JULIAN WILSON, from Australia.

In 7 years on Tour, he has placed in the Top 10 each year (except in 2014, when he finished 14th). So, can Julian convert his talent into a title? This is a difficult thing to say but he’s one of our favorites for this event for the 3 following reasons:

 Over the course of the three previous editions of the Margaret River Pro as a CT event, Julian Wilson has the second-best Average Heat Score with 14.81 points (out of 20).

 He is one of the few, with Sebastian Zietz, to see his results constantly improve each year. Round 3 finish in 2014, a Quarfer-Final in 2015 & a Final last year, in 2016.

 In the first Round, he is opposed to Josh Kerr, who he has defeated in their last 3 matchups, and Bede Durbidge, who he dominated 6 times over their 7 confrontations.

Margaret River will be a great place for him to start his season after a disappointing 13th-place finish on the Gold Coast a few days ago.

#2 – SEBASTIAN ZIETZ, from Hawaii.

He’s the defending Champion and has, like Julian, a constant progression over the previous editions. A 13th place finish in 2014, 9th in 2015 & a win last year.

With a 13.49 points average, he is also in the Top 10 of the best Average Heat Score of the event.

That said, his first Round at Margaret River might not be easiest as he’ll be against Filipe Toledo & Ethan Ewing, two surfers he has yet to defeat on the Championship Tour.

#3 – JOHN JOHN FLORENCE, from Hawaii.

Reigning World Champion & finalist of the event in 2015, he started the season with a great 3rd place on the Gold Coast for the first event.

He’s the surfer who has the best Average Heat Score on the 3 previous editions of the Margaret River Pro as a CT event: 15.83 pts! Wow!

With his high seeding, he gets a somehow “easier” heat in Round 1 with Portuguese rookie Frederico Morais and a wildcard (yet to be announced).

Fit, focused & demonstrating a sharp surf at Snapper, John John will be, obviously, one of the surfers to follow closely for the second event of the WSL Championship Tour!