Remember, a few days before the start of the season, Pauline had given us her first prediction placing Stephanie Gilmore as a favorite for the Roxy Pro Gold Coast at Snapper Rocks… Well, she was completely spot on, since Steph indeed brilliantly clinched the first trophy of the Australian leg.

Today, she’s here again for the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro! She also shares with us her feedback about the first event of the season.

Your thoughts about the spot.

➜ Margaret is a very particular wave which is very different from Snapper. It’s an open water wave, relatively far from the shore and it can get pretty big at times. As a consequence, we have to bring large enough boards and we rarely surf our usual board lengths. It’s really a special place compared to other CT spots. The event takes place in a somehow wild place, so it’s going to be quite a contrast with the first event on the Gold Coast.

Give us an anecdote about the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro.

➜ In the « not-so-funny anecdotes », there has been a year, when the event was still on the QS schedule, where the contest had to be suspended because of a great white shark spotted at the peak! It’s the kind of « surprises » you don’t want to see happening again! (Laughs)

What are your favorites for this event?

➜ There are a few standouts at Margaret, especially one that seemed to have tamed the spot pretty well. I’m talking about Courtney (Conlogue)! She has already won three times (Editor’s note: 2015 as a CT event and 2012 & 2011 as a QS event).
As I explained, these are usually difficult conditions, it’s a pretty wild lineup, very unpredictable and Courtney, with all her experience, can easily be seen as one of the favorites.

Courtney's Average Heat Score
Courtney's Heat Win Rate

Courtney is one of the surfers with the best stats at Margaret River.
The highest Average Heat Score of 14.92 and the third best Heat Win Rate with 75% (just behind Carissa Moore and Tyler Wright, respectively 85% & 78.95%).

Pauline’s feedback on the Gold Coast event.

It was a bit of a bummer to go against Johanne (Defay) early in Round 2. I’m, of course, disappointed to fall that early because it’s so fun to make more heats on a spot like that, with such beautiful waves and no one in the water… I wish I could have displayed more of my surf. Still, I took a lot of pleasure during my heats and I try to take everything in a constructive way. I’m very motivated for the next contest, even if the conditions will be much different.