This season we have the pleasure to invite french woman Pauline Ado to give us an overview of each stop on the Championship Tour.
In 2017, Pauline is back on the CT after two years battling on the QS, following her 4 previous CT seasons (2011 to 2014).
She definitely has a sharp & clever eye on the first contest Roxy Pro Gold Coast starting next March 14th in Queensland, Australia!

Your thoughts about the spot.

➜ It’s a wave that all surfers like a lot. It’s a “smashable” wave as we say. It’s usually not very very big but it’s a “high performance” wave on which very nice manoeuvres can be drawn and which is relatively easy to surf.
If the sand bank is well aligned, there’s even opportunities to get barreled. We can also move further north to Kirra which offers hundred of meters of perfect waves.
The Quiksilver & Roxy Pro Gold Coast is an event that everyone on Tour is really looking forward to. It’s the start of the season and we’re all very excited to start over and see who’s in good form!

Give us an anecdote about the Roxy Pro Gold Coast.

➜ It’s pretty funny because free-surfing at Snapper is a bit complicated so, when you’re in a heat, two or three surfers in the water, it’s completely the other way around. You just want to get each and every wave! However, you need to know how to select them carefully in order to perform well.

Who would you see on top for this event?

➜ Snapper, it’s THE spot of Mick (Fanning), Joel (Parkinson) or Steph (Gilmore).
So for me, I’m keeping an eye on Steph, she just knows every inch of the wave. To me, she’s the one who surfs it the best and picks the most accurate manoeuvres.
I also think she’s got a revenge to take over the last season where she didn’t win events and was not able to be in the World Title race. So, we’d rather watch her!
This first event is really special. Everyone lives to the rhythm of the contest and you can follow the live webcast on any small restaurant or coffee shop.
This is a very special atmosphere. I’m really looking forward to it!

Pauline's Best Result

Quarter-Final in 2014, against Carissa Moore. (Over 4 previous participations at Roxy Pro Gold Coast event).

Pauline's Average Heat Score

Her Average Heat Score is 12.29 points, computed over 13 heats at the event.