The first event of the season has just ended with the incredible victory of Owen Wright (read the full story here) and it’s time for us to start a series in which we will analyse the Super-Heat of each event!

Today, let’s focus on the fourth Quarterfinal of the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Gabriel Medina vs. Kelly Slater!

Until then, the duel between the tenebrous Brazilian and the King turned to the advantage of Medina who led 10 wins to 6, on their 16 previous matchups.

In other words, this heat promised a great suspense, and we were not disappointed. The duel was tight and balanced. Moreover, it wasn’t until the final seconds that the winner was announced, scores falling only once the two surfers returned to the competitors area and watching the replay of their exploits on the big screens. When the scores finally came, Medina got the nod!

Waves surfed by Medina
Waves surfed by Slater

A balanced and intense Matchup!

Confrontation balanced at all levels since Medina surfed 11 waves and Kelly 10. Looking in more details, we can see a real similarity in the scores.

Gabriel Medina’s waves

1.87 0.63 0.23 5.17 5.03
4.47 1.57 1.77 2.50 0.40

Kelly Slater’s waves

1.33 0.50 0.37 4.83 6.33
0.43 3.00 0.77 4.90 7.50

Until the last few seconds Slater believed to hold his 7th win against Medina but the Brazilian, from Maresias, made the difference on his last wave with a big commitment and 2 mastered floaters. On the wave just behind, simultaneously, Kelly could not get the 8.01 he needed.

It’s interesting to note that if we analyze the average number of maneuvers per wave in this matchup, Medina averages 8.5 tricks per wave while Kelly is at 7 tricks per wave.
Moreover on their last wave, Gaby gets the best score with a chain of 13 tricks while Kelly, on his last wave, didn’t have time to do more than 9 tricks. This is a numbers game!

A beautiful matchup and a victory for Gabriel Medina (who went on to loose in the next round facing Owen Wright, future event winner) which hopefully promises a beautiful revenge!
Maybe at Margaret River… Who knows. The season has just begun!